Premiere: Capiuz – Throw-Off | Early Reflex

Turin-based label Early Reflex welcomes Capiuz to the imprint with ‘The New Show’ – a collection of 4 hard-drum club tools which would entertain listeners and dancers with their original psychedelic twist.

In ‘Throw-Off’, the Italian producer builds a suspensive intermission within the release. Low frequency bass-drums and sequenced reverberated snares merge with high-pitched tambourines generating unique variations of the beat, the tune then get split in half to give space to a jazzy drum break solo which leads to the outro.

“A relentless crave for something new lays as an emotional foundation for this work and has directed the attitude while making it towards a personal journey through repetition and legitimization. The core sound comes from a melange of mangled samples, drum breaks and deep kick lines, where rhythmic patterns are hammered down in an obsessive manner before being hastily truncated and re-worked into new entities. In a frantic research with no fixed objective, every track takes the form of a fast pace pursuit that keeps blindly deviating from its course and shattering its own boundaries,” Capiuz mentions.

Capiuz – The New Show
Label: Early Reflex

The New Show
Catch You Back
Last One Before I G0

Releasedate: May 5, 2023