Premiere: Hesh + Oliver Si – Control Functions | Ante Rasa

After a first EP on Initiate Records in 2021, Hesh and Oliver Si make an appearance on Liège’s Ante Rasa.

They deliver 3 original tracks and a remix from Owl under the designation of Cortices.

Cognitive flexibility – the opening track – is the ability to adapt our behaviour and thinking in response to the environment. Led by carefully coated meandering fluid sounds and driven by hi-hat stimuli; patience leads to addiction.

Prefrontal is more lyrical and spatial, this is the seat of various so-called higher cognitive functions (notably language, working memory, reasoning, and more generally executive functions). Possibilities seem endless as spatial dub like pads and chords are pushed forwards by relentless drums.

Control Functions is the time for slower exploration, learning skills and self-experimentation. Precise and well-coordinated muscle activation form patterns necessary for accurate dance movement executions.

Finally, Owl rounds up the release by opening the skull. The brain’s cartography is intended to be close-knit, dense and ethereal; happy to be in the seat of emotions.

Hesh + Oliver SiCortices
Label: Ante Rasa

Cognitive Flexibility
Control Functions
Cognitive Flexibility (Owl Remix)

Releasedate: February 23, 2023