Premiere: SMYAH – Controlled Explosions | Sound in Picture

SMYAH’s new album ‘Narratives’ comes out on the 20th of April on his own imprint Sound in Picture.

The Bulgarian music producer and film maker expresses his influences from a variety of fields and mainly the sound system culture, film soundtracks and the beat scene. He lets the palette of sounds and their design drive the story and create the meaning for listeners. It can take you through a variety of worlds, from a dense jungle, through rocky mountains and even airy and cosmic soundscapes.

Sound in Picture brings musicians and photographers together in collaboration and releases new music dressed in a series of photos, exploring the synergy between both worlds. It blends together a label and visual arts magazine paying equal attention to both sides of the collaboration. So besides the official artwork, there’s a whole series of photos shot on the album that can be found on the official website.

SMYAH – Narratives
Label: Sound in Picture

Outer Edges
Sleeper Cells
Controlled Explosions
Thick Mist
Time Dispersion
Safe Passage
Colour Engine (Outro)

Releasedate: April 20, 2023