Premiere: Youniss – Walad | VIERNULVIER Records

Belgian musician and visual artist Youniss releases the second single ‘Walad’ from his forthcoming album ‘White Space’.

The record deals with his own personal panic attack instilled by the aftermath of the Black Lives Matter movement in 2020. “I wrote this album in the wake of the Black Lives Matter movement. Being black, having an Arabic name. The world felt different for me afterwards, I started seeing and experiencing things through a different lens.”

As an exploration of identity and self expression, Antwerp based Youniss moves his way through the awkward, intrusive feelings that accompany performing as a black man with an Arabic name through the gaze of the western world.

The music and graphic concept of ‘White Space’ is fueled by the pain caused by being misperceived and the feeling of being lost in the search to fit in. Where his previous self-titled debut album captured the more romantic aspects of his identity by celebrating his heritage, his second full length now problematizes the a priori fixed positioning within the dominant white system and the ritual dances one must perform as an artist and human being of colour.

‘White Space’ releases on March 8th via Ghent’s VIERNULVIER Records. Pre-order here.

Youniss – White Space
Label: VIERNULVIER Records

Do You Spiral Down Often?
How Will It End?
Arms Bent Black
The Fool Who Lost His Way
Negative Space

Releasedate: March 8, 2023