Rhythm Guide: 00970 – Khatam Sulaiman / خاتم سليمان | Mediteranos

In this week’s Rhythm Guide limelight we have enigmatic Palestinian experimentalist 00970, who released Khatam Sulaiman / خاتم سليمان on Mediteranos. It comes with an extraordinary Max Abysmal remix on the side.

The work is a unique collaboration between a diverse array of artists from around the world. Unified by one imaginative piece, lending itself to a wider spectrum of visions of sound from four unique artists, each having created a variation that stays true to the original soul while infusing it with its own energy and spirit. Different souls originating from one acoustic body, different styles extending from the same sound identity.

The name of the album, Khatim Sulaiman, known in English as the Seal of Solomon, is a legend rooted in religious mysticism. As the story goes, god gave King Solomon a ring, often depicted as a pentagram, that bestowed him with the power to command the demons.

In a way, 00970’s new album represents a sonic pentagram. The main body of this LP is 00970’s sound piece, a dark, hypnotic journey into the unknown. The reinterpretations of this sound, the vertices of the sonic shape, each mapping a potential path out of that unknown place.