Rhythm Guide: Azu Tiwanline – Draw Me a Silence (Remix) | I.O.T. Records

Mesmerizing drum circle rituals are standing out in this week’s Rhythm Guide, as the remix EP of Azu Tiwaline’s first album Draw Me a Silence is handpicked by our staff members.

After been acclaimed by DJs like Lena Willikens, upsammy, Shanti Celeste and a bunch of electronic medias, ‘Draw Me a Silence’ is now remixed by a Lyon-Bristol-Berlin trifecta of similarly minded rhythmic innovators – twisting and warping her work into new shapes, featuring Don’t DJ, Laksa & Flore reinterpretations.

In her debut album, Tiwaline fused together two halves of her own heritage, inspired by a new home in the desert. Personal history collided with family heritage: half step rhythms from a career in bass music met the warm winds and wide open silence of El Djerid in Tunisia.

It was up to Lyon’s Flore to have a take on Berbeka. While keeping the beautiful traditional sounds of the original record intact, her reinterpretation became a dark and dystopic mind-bending cut that asks to be played on a big soundsystem. UK producer Laksa turned Izen Zaren into percussive madness in true Bristol-fashion, while Berlin’s Don’t DJ took his hands on Until The End and made is a 11-minute long lasting trip that heals your mind, body and soul.