Rhythm Guide: Bambounou – Cascade | Bambe

In this week’s Rhythm Guide we have Parisian DJ and producer Bambounou launching his own imprint Bambe with his own four-track EP Cascade.

In his own words: “Bambe will be a home for passionate minds, roaming freely in a world of eclectic backgrounds. Driven through the ever-expanding horizons of creation and technology, by any artistic means possible.

The EP follows his latest release 033 on Nic Tasker’s label AD 93 who has also seen the likes of Anunaku, Avalon Emerson and DJ Plead.

Bambounou –  Jéremy Guindo-Zegiestowski – is known for his dystopian sound and forward thinking style in combining techno, electro and IDM and his new EP Cascade is no exception. The four-track EP is a true slap in the face, but in a good way. The EP starts with title track Cascade, a heavy bassline production covered with cutting edge high hats and a wobbling melody in the background which also serves as a guideline throughout the other tracks. Up A While is the more subtle track of the EP with dreamy sythns and vocals by Manuel Hildebrand. Craig.py is one of those tracks that proves Bambounou operating at the frontline of producing mesmerizing rhythmic cuts in contemporary dance music. Closer Send When You Land brings that dystopian and sci-fi sound Bambounou is known for. A track with heavy waves that unpredictably bombards you with basslines, being the final slap in the face we’ve been waiting for.

The label has also announced a new EP by GiGi FM called Magnite coming later this year.