Rhythm Guide: Eliott Litrowski – Long Story Short | OOSSHA

We have Parisian DJ and producer Eliott Litrowski delivering the goods in this week’s Rhythm Guide with his new Italo-electro heavy hitter EP Long Story Short, making his debut on Dutch established label OOSSHA, the sister label of Nuno Dos Santos’ Something Happening Somewhere (SoHaSo).

The Italo-electro virtuoso hasn’t hidden his love for the Dutch scene, having released some heavy dancefloor hitters already on labels Moustache Records and Bordello A Parigi. The French producer and Mutant Radio resident comes with an energized EP full of Italo-electro goodness and lovely touches of Acid and breaks. To top it off, DMX Krew took his hands on one of Eliott’s tracks and turned it into a proper electro banger.

Blind Pilot is a breaky introduction track with a smooth acid melody getting you ready from what comes next. Continuing the vibe of Blind Pilot, Speedchord live up to its name with a faster pace making it hard for you to stay still. On the B side the honour is on DMX Krew. His remix of Cereal Funk is a blistering electro track and still owing up to the sound Eliott is known for. Closing his EP with the OG version of Cereal Funk, a more darker track ready to be played once the clubs are re-open. Eliott is making waves through the scene with his uplifting italo-electro, yet funky sound and we’re thrilled to have him on board on our podcast series soon.