Rhythm Guide: object blue – Grotto | Tobago Tracks

Another week, another Rhythm Guide. object blue released her audio-visual EP Grotto on Watford-born and now London-based label Tobago Tracks.

The Tokyo-born, Bejing-raised and London-based artist made her breakthrough debut at TT back in 2018 with her EP Do You Plan to End a Siege? which already proved her to be one of the most exciting new prospects in experimental music, characterised by heavy percussion, synths and unpredicted trippy rhythms. 

Blue’s second EP Grotto on TT – run by DJ Pitch & Kast – now comes with an ambitious audio-visual project created together with her wife and creative artist Natalia Podgorska. “Grotto is a stage. It’s not a soundtrack to an existing play, but whilst creating it I was thinking about the space we move in, the characters we play, the dialogues that happen”, blue says in her own words.

Track Opened Close, is a production with solid synths and dramatic feels which continues in Fugitive’s Flourish, but adds more heavy bass rhythms marking that distinct sound blue has. With Exorcism of a Self-Help Book she focusses on the less dramatic feels and more on drums and bass and flashing clicks of synths giving you some time to breathe before going to Procession of Healers – another track that proves blue to be a rising star in experimental music. The final track Closed Open is characterised by its dreamy vocals and leaves the listener both held and shaken.