Rhythm Guide: Reymour – Leviosa | Knekelhuis

Featured in our Rhythm Guide this week is Reymour’s debut album Leviosa on Knekelhuis.

The album, written and recorded by Luc and Lou while moving from their home in Fribourg, Switzerland to Brussels, is a beautiful blend of of chanson, synth-pop and minimal wave. While Luc provides the musical foundation, pulling from the aforementioned musical influences, Lou’s vocals touch on feelings of anxiety, love, sexual orientation and melancholy, delivered through her wistful yet playful tone.

The 11-tracker begins with Le flot de ces Mots – a track about getting lost in the nightlife, and how love can be difficult and hard in this kind of environment. Moving further on the record, Je te tiens, Tu me tiens is another beautiful record with seductive vocals and real basslines and drum elements. Holly Mother, the absolute highlight of the album is a complete package that feels timeless. From here a more melancholic feel is coming up prominently with tracks like Boris&Marcel and the collaboration with Low Bat in Daya. Closing the album in a charming way with a paced down rework of Holly Mother in Holly Ama, the record came to its end and makes you feel you want to start it all over again. And again.