Rhythm Guide: Salome – Fatal Glow | Lobster Theremin

Berlin-based, Tbilisi-born DJ and producer Salome made her debut on Lobster Theremin this week with Fatal Glow. With five cuts of peak-time rave artillery this EP comes in as this week’s choice in our Rhythm Guide.

With previous releases on labels like FTP, Dark Net and Mechatronica, Salome has put herself on the spot as one of Berlin’s most exciting electro producers. Salome’s influences stretch far and wide – from 90’s hard-trance to malfunctioning, future-facing electro and techno; tying these worlds together with an energy that is both light and dark.

Stalker presses play with a cut of dystopian electro; sent spinning through a world much darker than our own, it’s what Boba Fett would play through his helmet speakers when on a bounty hunting mission – sci-fi led electronica that packs a punch. Time-warped trance and a high velocity, psychedelic workout takes us into hyper-drive on Misbehaviour, before Doppleganger plummets us deep into the earth’s subterranean with a cut of melting, dungeon electro.

Terror rounds the original masters off with a broken-techno aesthetic; screeching at breakneck speed through ravey hardcore stabs and pounding energy. The remix comes courtesy of Jenson Interceptor, and is every bit as good as you would expect from the face of contemporary electro: uncompromising in-your-face.