Rhythm Guide: Shcuro – Echoplexia EP | naive

Starting from today, we’ll share a new release every Friday in our so called ‘Rhythm Guide’. It is Lisbon’s gem João Ervedosa aka Shcuro’s today-released Echoplexia EP on naive to kick things off the right way.

Opening the six-tracker with ‘Far Out’, the record starts with full force, merging Digital Mystikz dub hauntologies with the UK-centric breakbeat styles of Leftfield circa ‘Africa Shox’. ‘Temptation’ sets the energy pit even higher and brings the mind straight to the dancefloor, reminding us what raving is all about while dub echoes mingling with cavernous clangs, Detroit pads and elegant beats roll over tons of relentless bass. Moving further onto the record, ‘Bass Force’ lives up to its name and brings in the LFO-style creepy strings to good use while technoid, broken riddims erupt in a way that references golden age dubstep, jungle and raw T++ tunes.

On the flip side, ‘Drowned’ featuring Maria Amor brings the energy level down leaving some breathing room while sending us into shiny anxiolytic bliss, with its crunched-down beats, dripping-wet soul samples and dreamy textural vocals. naive front-woman Violet’s remix of ‘Far Out’ continues where the A-side left and powers up the fire again with metallic electro rambunction with sub-bass wobbles, trancey stacks of synths and a breezy sense of melody. Closing down the EP, it’s Ilana Bryne on the remix for ‘Bass Force’ with a meditative, but very exciting liquid breakbeat roller.

For those who’ve missed it, check out his Rhythmic Culture podcast that features Portugese artists only too!