Rhythm Guide: ZULI – All Caps | IUQ

Comprising out of 6 tracks drawing from rapid footwork, chopped vocals and jungleistic drum schemes, ZULI’s new EP All Caps on Lee Gamble’s UIQ imprint is a mind-bending collision and this week’s highlight in our Rhythm Guide.

Photo by Malak El Sawi

ZULI – the production moniker of Cairo-based Ahmed El Ghazoly – has been one of the countries key figures in electronic music. After releasing his critically acclaimed debut double LP Terminal — the plan for ZULI was to follow up with a dancefloor-focused 12”. 4 months after the release of Terminal, with the follow-up record ready to go to mastering, ZULI’s gear was stolen and the record was lost, along with a year’s worth of work from his sound and instrument library. He would spend the following year building his soundworld back up again. With the only remaining track from the original versions being sixth tune Penicillin Duck, ZULI has rebuilt All Caps from scratch.

With the glitchy jungle breaks and devastating vocals in hard-hitting opener Tany, ZULI sets the bar for the rest to come, while the tension is slowly raising even higher when coming to his take on modern footwork called Bassous

Breakbeat belter Where Do You Go is another energy wave blistering through the air. Whilst feeling like an oldskool jungle record at the first sight, the experimental labors are quickly taking its part. Moving on to Penicillin Duck, the breakbeats are making place for a slower-paced, yet heavy trap influenced beat with chopped vocals and fuzzy distortion.

Whilst bright melodics emerge in Keen Demag, the percussive playfulness continues on Bro! (Love It) – just when you thought you’ve heard it all, the pitch goes down abruptly and the track surprises you with traditional Arabic instrumentation.