Rhythm Scenes: New York City

Rhythm Scenes is a new project that highlights music scenes from different cities through an online stream. In collaboration with local artists and creatives, Rhythmic Culture curates a line-up with only local artists in order to support local scenes.

Photography by Oriana Layendecker

For the first one in the series, Rhythmic Culture is heading to Brooklyn, New York to feature Half Moon’s Dee Diggs and Sound Gymnastics’ Meilgaarden.

In consultation with Dee Diggs and Meilgaarden, Rhythmic Culture decided to raise money through the stream for queer liberation by supporting causes that put money directly in the hands of Black, Brown and transgender artists, activists and culturemakers in NYC.

The money raised via Gofundme will go to GLITS (Gays and Lesbians Living In a Transgender Society), an organization currently working steadfastly to provide stable, safe, and affirming housing for queer and transgender people in New York City by fundraising to run and own their own housing facility. The second cause will be Support NYC Nightlife, an initiative to help members of the nightlife community whose livelihoods are existentially threatened by the current public health and economic crisis.