We stand in solidarity with those protesting around the world against white supremacy

Our platform has roots in culture created by black people – without their music and culture we wouldn’t be able to do what we’re doing right now. The issues the black community face against white supremacy and systematic racism are serious and urgent.

We’ve used the last few days to reflect, learn, share our thoughts within the team and decide how we can do better. Being a platform that benefits from black culture and represents music culture. also means we have to fight for equality. If this isn’t the situation, we’ve got work to do. This isn’t the time to remain silent from anything political anymore – (underground) music culture always has been a voice against inequality and we have to continue on this.

Rhythmic Culture will pay more attention to create a better representative program that covers cultures, activities en people throughout our whole community – not only in our event programming, but also through our editorial department, podcasts and radio shows. However we always tried to represent all of these cultures from the beginning and made big steps in creating a more diverse program in the last few months, we realize we still can do better on this.

As a small organization with limited resources, it could take some time for the changes to be visible. We know we aren’t there yet, but we are committed to make this work. For any feedback on how we could improve, please get in touch with us.

How you can help:

Donate, if you can. Here’s a small selection of funds:
Black Lives Matter
George Floyd Memorial Fund
The Bail Project
Hope Not Hate

Support black artists – we’ve curated a Buy Music Club list. Click here.

Educate yourself and others. Here‘s an overview of resources supporting the Black Lives Matter movement.