RC:043 | Toni Yotzi

This week’s Rhythmic Culture podcast is all about deep grooves and pumping rhythms, as Melbourne’s Toni Yotzi is in charge of what’s happening for 66 minutes. 

Toni has played a crucial role in developing Perth into a thriving club metropolis, programming Deep Doogs’ sunrise rave, co-hosting Full Frequency on RTR FM and presenting parties for Kenji Takimi, Bell Towers and DJ Nozaki. Now based in Melbourne, she’s established herself as one of the most open minded DJs on the local circuit, immortalised by a legendary Inner Varnika and Golden Plains set’s that saw her fearlessly transition from Jon Hassell to italo disco, memphis rap and Bristol bass and UK techno.

In her mix she’s features mostly Australian artists and labels. Feast your ears with cuts from Pugilist, LOIF, Coldpast, Hed Ardennes and many more.


Peter Elflein – S V1
Ruff Cherry – Ritual
Eastern Distributor – Forest Spirit
Reality Check – Organic Machinery
Lamont – Dominant
Power Circle – A Little Love A Little Life (Trancing Remix)
Freda – W.Z.Loif – Quarantek
Rydeen – Sweetness&Light&DJDylan (Rymash-E)
214 – It Never Really Ends (Original Mix)
Cutting Room – Night Chemist
Monotronique – Incoming Signal (Pugilist Remix) 
Sputnik One – Warm Body (Original Mix)
Pokies – Folk Devil
Coldpast – York St Eulogy 
Hed Ardennes – Hunched
Boulderhead – Cellular Intelligence