RC:050 | isora

Glasgow-based DJ isora is in charge of this week’s Rhythmic Culture podcast.

isora did study violin for 10 years at the Conservatory of Music in Italy and this led her to a vision of life that cannot be considered the same without music. Inspired by electronic and techno music after moving to Glasgow, her goal is to let people not just listening but also feeling and living her mixes as a proper experience.

Her mix is a percussive madness that starts off with an organic feel, but slowly is bleeding in thumping basses that will last to the end of the set leaving you paranoid, yet excited for what is coming next.


Nuri – Mos’r
A,R, Rahman – Ek Lo Ek Muft (Siu Mata edit)
Paleman – Sore
Ngalah Oreyo ft. Umoja – Gala Gala (Siu Mata edit)
Laksa – Belly Brocka
DJ Plead – Baroud
Less Distress – Where’s My Arc, Paulie?
INVT & Nick León – Fresh From Mexico
French II – Quite OK
DJ Plead – Rough Text
Kush Jones – Worldly Rhythm
Nuri – frfrfr
Hamilton Scalpel – Uprated Nite Zone
N-Ergy – Bigger
Mosca – The Optics
Lakker – Valentina Lane
Obeka – Durban Dance
Gabber Modus Operandi – Sangkakala III
Another Demon Tape – In The Sky