RC:052 | k means

Stepping up for an exciting entry in the Rhythmic Culture podcast series this week is Noods Radio and Psychotherapy Sessions resident k means.

Taking her name from an algorithm that she used when writing a music recommendation system, k means has a soft spot for the darker and weirder facets of music. The Stockholm-born, London-based DJ, who got into electronic music through video games, forms one half of Avant Garbage with DJ ojo, whose show on Netil Radio explores the stranger margins of electronic music, and with Sarjan Paul she runs grassroots London club night Expansion Pak, with a commitment to booking under-the-radar talent.

In her mix she serves up all sorts of mind bending treats ranging from haunting and hypnotic sounds to sweaty party steppers and back to window-shaking-basslines, making it an hour long musical ping-pong that makes you want to come back for more.


All Times Now Nothing – Outside [wherethetimegoes] // Frog Of Earth – Not Too Much [wherethetimegoes]
DJ ojo – Untitled [Unreleased]
J-Shadow – The Atom Space [eatmybeat]
Color Plus – Zoda [PercussionFunctions]
Cousin – 1 Tun [Moonshoe]
Anurah & Impey – Lyre Lullaby [Ghost Notes Worldwide]
Nikki Nair – Buggy [Juke Bounce Werk]
DJ Love – booty2fat (bouncin reflux) [Loveless Records]
Gecin & DJ Suzmo – Wai (Souci Remix) [Sample Delivery]
DJ Rashad & DJ Spinn – We Leanin [Teklife]
Terrorrhythmus – G4M3 OVV3R [Falling Apart]
Amor Satyr & Siu Mata – Ash [Nostro Hood System]
Lewi Boome – Baladi [Unreleased]
Actapulgite – Le Piège [Eclipse Tribez]
Jurango – Compassed [ytiviL dnuoS]
Everett – Deniable Plausability [Unreleased] 
OKO DJ – The Enchantress [FUTUR 2010]
Bob Traxx – Special Some1 (xxxtra special dubxxx) [Praxis Houston]
Impey – Peppered (Nicky Soft Touch’s Take It Down A Notch Mix) [Ghost Notes Worldwide]
Model Home – Omnipresent Love [Future Times]
The Pack – At The Club [??]
Swordman Kitala & Tom Blip – Kimbalagala (pq rewonk) [Blip Discs]
DJ ojo – Untitled [Unreleased]
FUMU – Untitled [Unreleased]
Suemori – Wacid [Osàre Editions]
Luar Domatrix – Sense Of Style [Domestic Exile]