RC:059 | Black Cadmium

This week’s cutting-edge beats in our Rhythmic Culture podcast are served up by no other than Black Cadmium.

The duo hailing from Rotterdam recently released on Violet’s naive label and appeared on Carista’s highly acclaimed United Identities compilation ‘Modern Intimacy Volume 1’.

Heavily influenced by the London-Detroit connection, their mix is full of brain frying cuts that all have one thing in common: they will ignite your inner flame.


Lårry – Bessernach (Aldrich Remix)
Al Wootton – Alder
Ido Plumes – Preparations
Abel Ray – Last Exit To Transkei
Aku-Ra & Jakub Tengler – Bucket Tube (Live Drums)
Violet – espirito
Ground 16 – Absurdity (Nachtbraker Liquid Trip Mix)
El-B – Boombox
Trinity Carbon – International Bassline
Djoser -Faded Red
Thrills In +41 – Machine Dream
Mattheis – Blue Robins
Freakenstein – FFFFFreakaaay
Haider – Too Close
Delay Grounds – Main Room Agoraphobic
Shcuro – Far Out
Violet -Psyche
Dukwa – High Position
Black Cadmium – 004
Black Cadmium – Everything
Black Cadmium – Sexy Acid
Hugo Massien – Outer Space Jam
PAS1 – Mezcal
Danny Daze & Defekt – Negative Pressure
Raff – Yeye
Dean Grenier – Radiant Damage
Mary Lake – Tessa Drive
MoMA Ready – Delusions of Grandeur
Sonic – No Rest (Stealing Voice)