RC:061 | Kate Miller

Body Verse founder Kate Miller’s sound is a colourful blend of Electro, IDM, Mutant Dancehall, Dub, Footwork and Drum & Bass that is seamlessly meshed together in a vibrant, unpredictable style.

For her contribution to the Rhythmic Culture podcast series the Australian, but Berlin-residing artist brings in a “dark and wonky” set, as she points out.

Time to ignite your dance spirit and sway your way through crispy percs, dubbed-out sounds and in-your-face b-lines.


Pugilist – 12.22AM Interlude
Zimoun – 008
Tibia – Unreleased
Pessimist – Glued ft Loop Faction
Boronko – Crystal
Enayet – Bhir (Cassius Select Enemy Mix)
33EMYBW – Artropods Continent feat Li Jianhong (Ikonika Remix)
Boronko – Voice Bzr
Nahash – A Better Future (DJ Plead Remix)
Anz – Stepper
Loraine James – Simple Stuff
Al Wootton – Maenads
Pugilist – Maelstrom
Laksa – T’s Tent
33EMYBW – Arthropods Continent feat. Li Jianhong
Fauzia – Tell Me, What’s Up?