RC:085 | J-Lost

We’re kicking off 2022’s first instalment in our mix series with J-Lost.

The DJ hailing from Sofia, Bulgaria got hooked by the pulsating rhythms of electronic music at an early stage of her life. Over the years she finely crafted her own signature sound, connecting the dots between techno, acid house, breaks, electro, ebm, wave, downtempo and all their variations, while driven by her constant curiosity, wild emotionality and the urge to break the rules.

In this mix, J-Lost showcases an exquisite selection of dark, mind-bending records she fell in love with recently. “It is a special one for me, recorded at a weird time of my life. I think I managed to capture both the hardship and the beauty of it,” she adds to the mix – a beauty of a mix without a doubt.


Group A – Channel Surfing II
Exhausted Modern – De Creatura
Theo Muller – Visa
a.b.u. 303 – Cinema Asia
Exhausted Modern – Transgression
Heap – Rethink Your Reality
R Gamble – fragmentary world
Credit 00 – Ost Block
Benedikt Frey – Interlinked
Alf Champion – Parte Operantis
Chris Imler – Country Club
Made – When Straight Lines Become Curves
Maenad Veyl – They Belouged With The Others
Evitceles – Weak Eyes
Pera Sta Ori – Passive Concealment