RC:086 | Warzou

A 60-minute thrill through stripped down rhythms, ice-cold wobblers and supersized bass:

Lyon’s Warzou brought in something that’ll get you on the edge of your seat. It’s fair to say that the Big Science don is a refined craftsmen at work – and yes, the evidence is right here.


Warzabart – Boiling (unreleased)
Net Gala – Sphiral
LMAJOR – The Power (Boxwork Remix)
Mercy System – Recognise
Cassius Select – Guia Circuit
FFT – Disturb Roqe 2
Klahrk & Roxas – Influence
?? – Boobap
Tape Fear – Car’s Booked
Enayet – Chokkor
ATL – LAD ft Brodinski
Ayesha & Ma Sha Ru – Downpour 
Aloka – B4-XL
Lost SoundBytes – I Meet The Devil (unreleased)
NVST – Depths Of A Flavor (Whenitringsinthenight After Party Version) (unreleased)
Mafou – Vodou
Speaker Music – focus.point.shoot
Antoine 80 – ??? (unreleased)