RC:101 | Less-O

Less-O delivers a recording for the Rhythmic Culture podcast this week, packed with music out of the deep corners of electronic music.

Raised in a family of sound lovers, Less-O has been rocked from an early age by the music of his parents. Both are classical guitarists with Latin American influences, his father being Argentinean. Very quickly, the young child wanted to bang rhythms on everything he could find, chairs, tables, glasses… Naturally, he started learning music via drums, essentially jazz. It is this discovery that will totally shape his vision of electronic music, developing his taste for broken rhythms. Bass music, dubstep, breakbeat, jungle, UKG or even trap and dancehall: Less-O finds with the practice of mixing a new way to play with cadences and beats at the same time as he builds a solid musical culture. And after his incredible debut EP ‘Shenanigans’ on Simo Cell’s TEMƎT Music, we’re more than ready for what is coming up next.