RC:114 | Rakhi

Rakhi is the first one up in Kate Miller’s curation of the Rhythmic Culture podcast.

“This mix is a moody journey through brain-tingling percussive bass. Drums and riddims selected from across the globe, including homage to my South Asian roots. Finally, circling back home to new and unreleased breaks from myself and other Naarm locals: Renzo, AD ZEE and Noneohone,” she says.

Kate Miller: “Rakhi, aka Eva Jordens is an upcoming DJ who had her first DJ gig just a little over a year ago after taking local legend DJ Sarah’s 6 week course. A little over a year on and her taste and skill has refined and developed at lightning speed. Not only has she mixed and performed at every venue to adoring crowds across town, she’s also produced and released her own gorgeous r&b banger. Rakhi has quickly developed her own percussive, melodic and bass-heavy sound to get your hips swinging. With expansive selections, she brings her feminine, fairy-like touch to hard drums, breaks and basslines.

Rakhi’s own productions combine her love of rhythm and big bass with emotional soundscapes, vocals and instrumentation. Carrying a perceptive ear and compelling ability to command the energy in any room, Rakhi is unstoppable in carving out space for her unique style. With her upcoming weekly residency at Bar Flippy’s and regularly joining forces with Melbourne collectives Nuestro Planeta, Animalia and Temporal Cast, Rakhi is sure to satisfy bass-hungry ears across the globe.”


JAUBI – Lahore State Of Mind (Al Dobson Jr Remix)
Àbáse – Po Tolo
prana – Lost
Gafacci – Wosa
DJ Die & Pinch – Jungle Reflection (Original Mix)
Kaval – Badman Drums
Doubt – Pools
Millicent – Skim Stone
The Nasha Experience – Technology
Rakhi – Tinker Bass (unreleased)
Doctor Jeep – Reso Danz (Hodge Remix)
Lukrø – La que me pone (feat. Dj Rankng)
Rakhi – Matchbox
Delta Star – Tea Rooms
Renzo – Spider Spawn (unreleased)
AD ZEE – Run the Liquid Down
Noneohone – Brainbox (unreleased)