RC:118 | Mor Wen

“It’s mostly Southeast Asian music + tracks of my friends, and my moms car CD music.”

Prague’s Mor Wen is at the helm of this week’s Rhythmic Culture podcast. Mor Wen is a part of Glory Affairs – a morphing group of collaborative friends combining various forms of audiovisual art. The collective’s wish is to co-create bonds between both friends and strangers through reshaping different environments into temporary multi-genre living rooms. It combines and plays with sound, movement, cooking, painting, sculpting, costumes, performance and mainly light-hearted humor.

The Planeta Za + Ankali resident oscillates between community building, live performance, DJing, keeping the borders between blurred at all times. Among experiences which influenced her practice is a participation in physical theatre, intergenerational movement and cooking workshops, and teaching children in Prague’s Vietnamese cultural centre of Sapa.