RC:013 | Korea Town Acid

Hailing from Toronto (but originally from Seoul), Jessica Cho aka Korea Town Acid is a breath of fresh air in the electronic music scene.

She blends various sounds together with ease, earning her the title freeform beat manipulator. The releases KTA put out on Cosmic Resonance, Clipp Art and Forth solidify that title for her. We highly recommend checking out her ethereal and raw Mahagoni Forest album!

Parallel to her productions, KTA’s DJ sets incorporate that same free flow mentality. For her Rhythmic Culture Records debut, the Toronto native ventures through sounds in the left field of electronica. Her ability to be able to find eclecticism within these borders is beyond! She translates her inspiration from and passion for jazz, fast-paced electronica and deep jungle cuts into a 60 minute mix filled with intricate idm, emotive lo-fi house and experimental techno.