RC:021 | doo-bop

Sun-soaked tones from cherished selector doo-bop. As a co-founder of the Low G Court and Club Bizarre parties in his hometown Rotterdam, you could call doo-bop’s musical interest versatile.

His weekly digging sessions has afforded him a record collection that ranges from all kinds of obscure and less obscure boogie, jazz-funk, electro, disco not disco and dub to new beat, proto-techno, world and library stuff. However, the records that stand out for him are those that don’t fit into a genre.

“Musicians with traditional backgrounds like the Middle-East, Cape Verde, Japan, Suriname and so on started experimenting with synths and effect pedals in the seventies and combined it with their traditional background. That’s something that caught my interest some years ago. I started digging for records that have that non-box feeling and that kinda resulted in this vinyl only mix for Rhythmic Culture.”

Lock into this 105-minute ride of worldwide tastes that sets off with some minimaal goodness from Wally Badarou onto weirdo downtempo electro with flamenco influences from Ryo Kawasaki to 150 bpm Funaná madness from Cape Verde to top it off.