RC:022 | Narathip

This week’s podcast lands via Rhythmic Culture founder Brendan aka Narathip. With his experimental project, he explores a broad variety of darker electronic records that blend together in his versatile musical taste.

With a little tease in these sounds at Dekmantel Selectors and Rádio Quântica Lisbon earlier, this is his first appearance on Rhythmic Culture with this project.

This mix translates his frustration of not being able to go to clubs while in this lockdown and is an ode to the nightlife. “It’s hard to record a club orientated mix without getting any inspiration from clubbing or seeing other deejays play. While making this mix, I closed my eyes quite often to visualize myself on the dance floor going buck wild on these records.”

From mesmerizing electro to heavy-bass dancehall and back to 160 bpm modern footwork, Narathip takes you on a belter home listening session that will shake many walls.